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Well, Shimano's eight-speed Alfine hub, with trigger shifters and disk brake option, gives similar performance to the Inter-8 but with less of a weight penalty (though more cost) and would suit. Shimano Tiagra Hubs HB-4500 review. Shimano's entry-level hubs have always impressed us with the ease with which they can be serviced. With the benefit of angular contact bearings they now provide.. Secondly, it should extend the service life of the hub into the kind of mileage where it's unlikely to ever be an issue; Shimano told us at the launch that it should run for three times as long as the eight. The stated weight is now 1590g, which is 90g lighter than Shimano's weight for an Alfine 8 and less than a Speedhub too Summary: The Shimano Alfine-11 internally geared hub is a high quality piece of machinery with great performance and a great value! I received my Shimano Alfine-11 (SG-S7001-11) equipped Bike Friday Silk New World Tourist on October 8th 2019 (see YouTube review of Bike Friday) and since then have taken 34 rides up my mountain, each ride averages 2,300′ of vertical and 25 miles so in my.

Shimano 11 speed: The new Dura Ace 11 speed cassettes are wider by 1.85mm. This breaks with their tradition of keeping the cassette width about the same as they went from 8 speed, to 9, and then 10. The wider cassette will reduce the DS offset a similar amount, all else being equal. All the hubs in this review use the newer Shimano 11 dimensions Dynamo power deserves to be more popular, and Shimano's catchily named DH-3N80 dynohub sits at the top of their range and offers performance to match. Okay, it's not quite as smooth as a top-end Schmidt hub but it's not as spendy either Shimano Alfine 8 Speed is, as its name suggests, an 8 speed integrated rear hub. If you ask yourself what this means, you should know that the classical rear derailleur is no longer needed, the drive train becomes more compact, and maintenance work is almost zero. Last but not least, Alfine is perfectly capable of [

My experience is that Shimano front hubs last forever with minimal servicing but rears need re-greasing every 3 months and the freehubs are prone to dying after a year or so. Posted 8 years ago. Shimano front hubs are fine, last forever serviceable etc. Rear hubs not so. The freehubs go and they are non-serviceable and cost not much less than a new hub Pada video ini agan2 bisa melihat dengan lengkap dan jelas spesifikasi dan bentuk fisik dari hub Shimano HB- TX505 dan freehub Shimano FX-TX595. Suara jangri..

They are both decent for the price. In my experience Shimano hubs last longer than Bitex hubs. Shimano freehubs can go bad and often your only choice is to replace the freehub and same can be said for Bitex Shimano M475 hubs long term revised review. November 30, 2017 November 30, 2017 Posted in Hubs, mountain bike components Tagged hub, Hubs, Long term review, M475, Shimano. Issues with fast freehub wear: Fast wearing freehubs

Shimano SLX (M7100) Drivetrain. Before the 12-speed SLX group arrived I'd been happily riding the SRAM equivalent; GX Eagle. SRAM drivetrains once again found a home on my bikes when the 12-speed option was released and like many, I've been quite happy with the performance This is available as a 53/39, 52/36 or 50/34 and can be partnered with an 11-25, 11-28, 11-30, 11-32 or a whopping 11-34 cassette. The latter demonstrates Shimano's recognition that versatility.

A short hands-on review of the Shimano SLX HB/FH-M7000 mid-level hubs.Shimano 2017-2018 Spec Book v22 — bit.ly/shimano_2017_2018_specbookV22Buy on AmazonRear.. Both 12-speed setups from SRAM and Shimano share the same sprocket spacings and it's the same with both brand's 11-speed groups. That means that if you want to run a 12-speed Shimano group but don't want to get a Micro Spline hub, you could use a SRAM 12-speed cassette with either an XD or HG freehub body Shimano LX Hubs Hub user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 146 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.co I finally bought one of these for my commuter. I searched diligently to find reviews for this hub before I bought it, most of what I found turned up here. This is the Shimano SG- 3D55 3 speed hub. 32 hole, 135mm, centerlock disc-ready, purportedly having a silent clutch (more on that later)..

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There are 29 comments on 'Shimano Alfine rear hub review' We love to get comments from our readers - if you've spent a few moments to comment, thank-you. If you haven't had a chance yet, jump to our comments form if you have something to say Shimano Deore Disc Rear Hub review got a score of 8.8/10 from customer reviews. Read all reviews for Shimano Deore Disc Rear Hub now and buy at £26.39. 4524667041429 FHM525BZL I have a 11 speed Shimano Ultegra groupset R8000 series, with a 11 speed Shimano HUB, i currently use a Shimano cassette which has a ratio of 11/34. My question - can i swap the existing cassettte and replace with a 11 speed Shimano MTB cassette with a 42/11 ratio

Surrounding the official presentation, we spent two days ripping around the Bellingham, WA, trails on the all-new Shimano XT M8100 group. Check out our complete tech overview for all the details on that and the new SLX group, and our mega-specs list, weights & pricing comparison post here. In this story I'm reporting on XT's [ Shimano Hubs - Lowest Prices and Free shipping available from the worlds largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycle And actually, if you look specifically at products from Shimano in the Hubs category the average review score is 4.2. That's why you can see it was easy for us to give Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Road Rear Hub such a high overall score of 8.9 / 10. It seems to have the perfect combination of features, quality and price making it a great all-rounder With a review score of 9.8 out of 10 it's likely that there will be lots of great detailed reviews to help you. And if you find that actually the reviews are suggesting Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Road Rear Hub isn't right for you then there will be tons and tons of other reviews for other products in the Hubs category

The Shimano 3D32 is a $99 dynamo hub that packs amazing performance for the price. When we factor in both the output power and drag, this cheap hub ranks 2nd after the SON28 in almost all cases (~44% charging efficiency) Shimano 105 FH 5500 Hubs user reviews : 3.5 out of 5 - 7 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.co

In the product presentation Shimano told us that it had dropped the replaceable bearing cup feature, so these hubs will probably end up in the bin. Given their weight, the Saint hubs need to be bombproof, but they clearly aren't — the front hub also started to feel ropey by the end of the trip Shimano has gone with 28 straight-pull spokes for both the front and rear wheels. The titanium freehub body accepts both ten and eleven speed cassettes. Just like the rear hub, the 15mm front hub.. Finally, Shimano is offering matching 12-speed hubs (MT410). These feature a pawl-type engagement (36 points) and should be one of the more affordable entries into MicroSpline I know Shimano hubs don't get much love here, but I believe they're incredible value. I can get an XT hub with a steel freehub body. Or I can get a Hope hub and pay more for a separate steel. The hubs on Shimano wheels are a bit different from the wheels of most other manufacturers, in that they use cup-and-cone bearings rather than cartridge bearings

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This hub is great for a person who bikes casually and always takes their bike to a shop when things break. It performs well when you don't have to work on it. I DO NOT recommend this hub for anyone who works on your own bike. The design is awful, in that the external mounting is insanely difficult to put on The Shimano STEPS E6100 motor was launched last June and it's now making its way onto a decent number of 2019 city bikes. It's a big step forward from the original STEPS E6000 city motor that dates all the way back to 2013. That's a long time in a technology market that's developing at a rapid pace. The new motor is smaller, lighter, quiter, more efficient and better looking Shimano Alfine 11 Hub Gear Review - Notes on Servicing. After the allotted interval of 500km it was time to change the oil. For this I purchased a kit consisting of new oil (SG-S700) a bleeding syringe and a spanner. The process, following the official instructions) was very annoying Shimano's 105SC hubset uses a one-piece, molded or forged, hub shell construction, into which steel bearing cup races are pressed. 105SC hubs use ten 4.75mm (.1875) loose steel ball bearings. There are tight fitting Grey plastic, steel re-inforced, snap-in seals, that surround the axle to keep contaminants out

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The Shimano FH-MT400-B rear hub at Alivio level with Centerlock brake disc mount is very durable and reliable thanks to its high-quality labyrinth and contact sealings. Cone bearings guarantee smooth rolling characteristics. The hub body made of aluminium and the steel axle ensure for better stiffness without raising the weight So one of our other important comparisons in our Shimano Nexus 8R36 8-Speed Hub review is analysing the price of products from Shimano. During this search we discovered that the average price of a product from Shimano was just £98.81, making Shimano Nexus 8R36 8-Speed Hub above average against the average prices With over 33 products to choose from it can be tough to make the right choice, which is why reading Shimano 105 5800 Rear Hub Hubs reviews will help others to make an informed decision on the key factors from it's price, quality, durability and it's also important to mention your experience with the retailer too Reviews. Shimano Alfine 11 hub gear and shifter review on road.cc; Shimano Alfine group review by Bicycle Times Magazine; Video review by Road.cc on Youtube; Customer reviews on Amazon.com; Riding experiences on Alseasonscyclist.com; MTB Review: 2011 Shimano Alfine 11 Internal Gear Hub; Shimano Alfine 11 short term review

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  1. Friedel's hub ran flawlessly until the end of the tour (48,000km in total). The bikes then went into storage, until we recently rebuilt them with standard Shimano kit (this time, Deore LX hubs). For us, so far, we've found Shimano hubs to be good value and reliable
  2. Shimano Dura Ace FH 7700 Hubs user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - 10 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.co
  3. Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the Shimano XT Disc Hub Rear M75
  4. Though the M400 Caliper got a facelift, it still uses the same M05 brake pads, which are only available in a resin compound from Shimano. Along with the Alivio brake, Shimano has also announced new multi-ring cranksets and boost-standard hubs. The Acera and Altus cranksets both got a new black anodized look
  5. This post explains the benefits of Nexus 8 hub gears. If you're looking for our range of bikes with Shimano Nexus hub gears - shop Shimano Nexus bikes here.. Unlike a 'traditional' bicycle where you can see the gears on the outside of the back wheel, the Shimano Nexus 8 Hub has all of the gears safely tucked away inside a sort of 'drum'
  6. The best smart home hubs make it easy for all of your smart home devices to work with each other. If you have smart lights, smart locks, and a smart thermostat, a smart home hub will let you.
  7. Since first being announced in May 2018, Shimano has seen extreme delays of its new 12-speed XTR M9100 groupsets. Complete production groupsets remain unavailable, and now, the situation seems.

Shimano Deore M525 6-Bolt Rear Hub Price. Shimano Deore M525 6-Bolt Rear Hub Ranks number 251 of 340 in the Hubs category at Evans Cycles in this review. Whilst this isn't the best indicator to decide if it's the best in class, you can use it as a guide to see how it compares to other hubs. At £23.99 the Shimano Deore M525 6-Bolt Rear Hub is also the ranked number 44 of 107 products by Shimano in the same category Shimano Nexus 8 Review & Regrease. I've had my Nexus 8 hub for about 9 months now. In that time it's been ridden almost everyday of the week in all weathers, in particular through a very snowy winter period when temperatures were down to -9 at times Review of my Shimano Nexus 3-speed & coaster brake hub Posted on February 3, 2012 by Vicki I have had this new hub and wheels on my Speedwell now for about 3 months, I wrote about it here

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Whether that's Shimano Sora RS300 Front Hub or an alternative, we'll do our best to find you unbiased, genuine customer reviews to help you make your decision. We've found 318 different products in the Hubs category at Chain Reaction Cycles and we've also managed to find 954 products from Shimano (although only 52 of the 954 are in the Hubs category) Price (High-Low) Price (Low-High) Alphabet (A-z) Alphabet (Z-a) Shimano Alfine SG-S7001 11-Speed Disc Hub without Fittings - 135mm - Black. Only 1 in stock. £419.99 Inc VAT. Quick view. Shimano Alfine SG-S7001 11-Speed Disc Hub without Fittings - 135mm - Silver. Only 1 in stock Shimano Sora RS300 Rear Hub reviews have an average score of 9.1/10. Find product: 566679UK from £22.49 at Chain Reaction Cycles

Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the Shimano Deore Disc M525 Rear Hub Read all Shimano Deore M475 6-Bolt Rear Hub Reviews from the experts at SportReviews.co.uk and customers of Evans Cycles. Reviewed at £25.19

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Shimano XT M8110 MTB Disc Front Hub review: Quality. Product quality is again a very important factor, whether you're looking for something sturdy in the short-term or a product that is going to provide long-term durability, quality will be a consideration for you Shimano's current hubs use a standard ratchet and pawl system, clicking small, spring-loaded teeth on the freehub body into a ratchet ring mounted on the hub shell. That's an improvement from earlier designs used on lower- and mid-level hubs like STX in the 90's, where the ratchets and pawls were all contained in a replaceable freehub body

I run a Shimano Nexus 8spd hub on my Tour Easy recumbent with a Bafang BBSHD mid drive. I do not use a gear sensor, but I tap the brake lever for slight pause. I used friction shifters for years so a slight pause is nothing new. I usually start in 5th gear, direct drive, as it is strongest. I.. Shimano Deore Disc Hub Set M615 36 Holes Shimano have been producing bike components since 1921. Over the years they have designed and developed some of the best MTB hubs and spares ever seen. Features: Double contact sealing Super polished bearing races for low friction rolling Light alloy QR lever and nut Hub/Brake Shimano Ultegra 6800 wheelset - review Excellent alloy upgrade wheels: stiff, The hubs on these Shimano wheels use the same tool-free cone adjustment as the top-end Dura-Ace hoops,.

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Shimano Brakes - Lowest Prices and Free shipping available from the worlds largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycle I have owned two bikes with a Shimano Nexus rear hub. One was on a Breezer Uptown with a 750 watt front hub motor. I bought it used and put 2500 miles on it. It acted flawlessly and never had an issue shifting. I have one on my 2019 Electra Townie Commute Go 8i. It is an 8 speed internal rear hub

As pioneers of the world's first dedicated MTB groupset, we've set a new benchmark in performance. Now it's your turn to Make Your Mark Shimano Dura Ace HB-7520 110mm 36H F&R NJS Approved Hub set (20103104) Regular price $198.0

These 1/4' Steel Ball Bearings can be used on the following rear hubs: - Shimano Ultegra WH-6700-G / WH-6700 - Shimano 105 WH-5600 - Shimano WH-RS80-A-C50-CL - Shimano WH-RS80-C50-CL - Shimano WH-RS80-C24-CL - Shimano WH-RS80-A-C24 - Shimano WH-RS610-TL - Shimano WH-RS61-TL - Shimano WH-RS31 - Shimano WH-RS30 - Shimano WH-RS21-CL - Shimano WH-RS20-A / WH-RS20 - Shimano WH-RS11 - Shimano WH. SHIMANO Hub Dynamo for 3.0W CENTER LOCK Disc Brake DH-UR700-3D SHIMANO - Hub Dynamo - Disc Brake - CENTER LOCK - 3.0W - Quick Release - 26-28 inch wheel size The SHIMANO ALFINE DH-UR700-3D Dynamo hub employs a new internal unit construction that is lighter and also reduces dynamo drag while producing 3 watts Shimano Micro Spline hubs. The FH-M9111-BS is an XTR level straight pull spoke hub that's available only in a 28H drilling, Centrelock disc mount and 148mm Boost width with 12mm axle, retailing at £245 Please enter a 'to' amount greater than the 'from' amount. Please enter a 'from' amount or a 'to' amoun

Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Front Hub Hubs Review: Quality - 83%. In our latest checking we found that Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Front Hub Hubs scored an incredible 8.3. This puts it one of the top products available in the Hubs - Road category. This score is built up on a range of criteria from brand, customer satisfaction and quality of product Product Review - Shimano Nexus Red Band 8-Speed Hub. Internal gear hubs are more reliable than derailer systems, and require much less maintenance. Unlike derailers, they may be shifted even when the bicycle is stopped, a valuable feature for the cyclist who rides in stop-and-go urban traffic.. - Sheldon Brown, 1944 - 2008

Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS EDITORIAL DEALS to stick with one gear. So a 7 speed hub appeals, same visual simplicity, maintenance, etc. Anyone have any experience with this hub? I'm concerned that it might be sloppy, heavy, etc. Thanks, Dennis Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Internally Gear Hub Review. Shimano Nexus SG-C6000-8C has a broader range of gears. If two or three gear is not enough for you, you can have this one. It has an array of features such as stunning classic looks coaster brake rear 36h, requires less maintenance,. The Shimano Alfine 11 Internal Geared Hub (SG-S700) weights about three ounces less than the Alfine 8 (3.5 pounds), but it is nearly twice the price. The Alfine 11 has a gear range of 409%, compared to 307% for the older 8-speed Alfine hub, so I decided to go with a single ring in the front and installed a Shimano Alfine FC-S500 Front Crankset (45T) Does Shimano make any rim brake hubs anymore? I am looking for Shimano road bike rim brake hubs that I can lace 24 front/32 rear. Are there any other road bike hubs with a freehub as quiet as Shimano? I am now building up a wheel set with White Industries T11 which seem quite loud although I guess that's the cost of better engagement

Internal Gear Hub Review Which is the best internally geared hub? The following hubs participate in the comparison. Shimano Nexus INTER-3 Nexus INTER-7 Nexus INTER-8 ALFINE (8 Speed) SRAM T3 P5 P5 Cargo S7 i-Motion 3 i-MOTION 9 Sturmey Archer 3 Speed 5 Speed 8 Speed Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 (14 Speed) Fichtel & Sach Shimano 105 5800 hubs are an excellent choice for those wanting easy home maintenance. We can fill them with 100% synthetic grease which repels water but still allows them to spin reasonably well. Available in silver or black with 32 or 36 hole drillings, 8,9, 10-11 speed freehub (Shimano 105 5800 series) During my inial review last year I gave high praise to the new group - Review: Shimano XT M8100 12 Speed - A Sram-turnative. Since then I've mostly enjoyed being back aboard Shimano. Unfortunately, I have started to experience a derailleur clutch issue that isn't necessarily new to Shimano derailleurs Shimano M315 Review [Buyer's Guide & Review] They are also known for manufacturing wheels and pedals for a variety of bikes. If you are a sportsman or a cyclist or someone that loves riding a bicycle, then you have to pay close attention to this Shimano m315 review for optimum hydraulic disc brake and shifter purchase

Shimano Tiagra. The Shimano Tiagra groupset has evolved in recent years, bringing it closer in-line to the 105 groupsets. Traditionally, the Tiagra was seen as the starting point for road biking. However, with the introduction of a 10-speed Tiagra, it's become a more popular road biking option Hubs are one of those things that we never want to worry about, and the Shimano product delivers a homerun in this respect. But the rest of the wheels never blew me away. The names were never catchy; always an alphanumerical jumble that didn't tell me anything about the product New smaller spline diameter for 10T top gear; Only compatible with Shimano Micro-Spline cassettes! Product features. Use: MTB Model: FH-MT510-B Gear: 12-speed Cassette mount: Micro-Spline Brake type: Center-Lock Disc P.C.D.: left 60mm / right 61mm Flange diameter: left 68.8mm / right 69.8mm Flange distance: 62.16mm Offset: 6.6mm Hub: Labyrinth and contact seals Type: E-Thru Axle Boos Jun 8, 2018 - In conjunction with the release of E6100, Shimano has released a new Nexus Inter-5E internal hub, specifically designed for e-bikes. 7. Shimano Completes E-Bike Drive Unit Range - Bike Europ Read all Shimano Tiagra RS400 Rear Hub Reviews from the experts at SportReviews.co.uk and customers of Evans Cycles. Reviewed at £27.99

Shimano Deore T610 10 Speed Rear Hub | Black review scored 9.4/10 based on 342 reviews. Read all reviews for Shimano Deore T610 10 Speed Rear Hub | Black now and buy at £26.99. / 4524667343912 / FHT610BZL As we said at the start of this review, the quality of SLX 11-speed is going to leave a lot of people struggling to justify the leap to XT, let alone XTR. Still, that's Shimano's problem to worry about, not ours, and if the new SLX helps get more people onto 11-speed (particularly 1×11) then that's a good thing SHIMANO has redesigned the XT M8100 freewheel hub for the new 12-speed cassettes using the new MICRO SPLINE technology. The rear wheel hubs (FH-M8110/8110-B/8130-B) are available in 142 mm, 148 mm (Boost) and 157 mm installation width with 12 mm thru axles, the corresponding front wheel hubs (HB-M8110/-B) in 100 or 110 mm installation width with 15 mm thru axles To make sure I was prepared, Shimano included the MT620 wheelset as part of the kit for this review. This was a relief, as I didn't have any wheels with their newest freehub standard, Microspline. The proliferation of new standards is something we can all fret over, but at least the hubs on these wheels feature classic j-bend spokes and the tried-and-true cone and ball-bearing system Hub weight can be less than ISO 6-bolt due to reduction of reinforced side area; Bad CenterLock. Compatibility issues have resulted in funky adapters; Lack of mass-market adoption and options from high-end hub makers Chris King, Industry Nine, etc. Really only compatible with Shimano brakes, but their brakes are solid performer

Read Shimano Mtb Hubs reviews and Shimano Mtb Hubs ratings - Buy Shimano Mtb Hubs with confidence on AliExpress This 8-Speed freehub body from Shimano makes a perfect replacement (type 'A' Match) for the freehub body found on the M475, C-Series C201 and 2200 hubs. It is also compatible with the Deore M525 hub (type 'B' Match), though may not match in terms of material, appearance or finish

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Cannondale Synapse Flat Bar 105 Triple 2009 review - TheGiant Alight 3 2015 review - The Bike ListTrek Superfly 6 2015 review - The Bike ListCannondale Six Carbon Ultegra SL Compact 2009 review - TheFocus PLANET X30 2014 review - The Bike ListGiant Defy Composite 1 2014 review - The Bike List

August 28/11 14:06 pm - 2012 Shimano Deore XT M780 Review. Posted by Editoress on 08/28/11. Shimano Canada kindly invited us to participate in the launch of their newest edition of the Deore XT mountain bike group, held in Tahoe, on the California-Nevada border Shimano HB-7900 Dura Ace 32 Hole Front Hub Review. by Amazon.com Best Review, We Compare and Choose Low Prices to offer You Here! Where to Buy? Shimano HB-7900 Dura Ace 32 Hole Front Hub. This Website!! Find Best Promotion for Good Product by Amazon.com Shimano Dura-Ace Aluminum Quick-Release Lever front hubs Weights and price Shimano's favouring of the cup and cone bearing system should make the RS81 C35 wheelset easily serviced. The flanges of the hubs are set up for straight pull spokes; this allows a higher. First, I'd like to tell you a story. We began the ride on different wheelsets. Not because we wanted to, but because of a balls-up with the wheel order. I departed on what we'd originally planned for — Sun Rhyno Lite 36-hole rims, DT Swiss plain guage spokes, and Shimano Deore XT disc-compatible hubs. I've [

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