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  1. Physical Characteristics of Rh Negative People. 1) A tendency to have piercing eyes, often green or hazel. This could easily come from an original tribe that was 100 percent rh negative and this tribe might or might not have had steel blue eyes. These pictures are of O negative Pablo Rodriguez who is from Basque Country
  2. Additionally, people with AB negative blood are considered Rh negative. Children with this blood type must be born to parents who are both Rh negative, which is a recessive gene. Considering that less than 20 percent of the population has Rh negative blood, and even fewer are AB negative, a person with AB negative blood type is rare
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  4. Har man dessutom blodgruppen RH- 0 (Rhesus Negativ Nolla) så är man ännu mer unik. Endast 7 procent av jordens befolkning är RH- 0. Att vara rh- innebär att det saknas ett protein i blodet, och teorierna i _varför_ det proteinet försvunnit är många, en är tex att det skulle vara utomjordingar som manipulerat och mixtrat med människoblodet

I extremt akuta sjukdomsfall där en fullständig utredning inte hinner genomföras innan blodtransfusion påbörjas används 0 Rh-negativt (0 Rh−) blod tills patientens blod är grupperat och korstestat mot olika givares blod. Bombay. Ungefär fyra personer per miljon saknar H-transferas Du får din blodgrupp testad när du blir inskriven på en barnmorskemottagning. Då får du reda på om du har RhD-negativt blod. På en del barnmorskemottagningar kontrolleras även barnets blodgrupp i samma blodprov. Det finns bra sätt att övervaka och behandla gravida och foster som har olika RhD-blodgrupper The medication is offered to rhesus negative women who have rhesus positive partners at 28 and 34 weeks of gestation period. If concerns of sensitizing events occur, it can be given anytime. The anti-D immunoglobin medication prevents the mother's immune system from producing antibodies that will attack the baby's blood; it is very safe for both mothers and babies If you're rhesus negative and your partner is rhesus positive, you might be offered a couple of extra midwife appointments for 'anti-D' injections. While the evidence about the benefits of this approach isn't conclusive, NICE recommends routine anti-D injections for all pregnant RhD-negative women in case sensitisation occurs (NICE, 2008; McBain et al, 2015)

O Rhesus-positive (O+) blood group was the least affected by the disease while A Rhesus-positive (A+) individuals were the most vulnerable. Fatigue, fever and loss of smell were the major symptoms among the patients, but 13% of SARS-COV-2-positive individuals remained asymptomatic Rh Negative Blood Type. 1. The Rh negative blood type is not a 'mutation'. Rhesus factor, referred to as the Rh factor, is a protein in the human blood. The term is derived due to the first discovery of the protein substance in the blood of Rhesus monkeys. The fact that a number of people lack this factor is a puzzling phenomenon that tends to defy. Rh-faktorn är en undergrupp till våra blodgrupper (A, B, AB och 0). Om mamman är Rh-negativ och pappan Rh-positiv finns det 50 procents risk att barnet blir Rh-positivt. Om båda föräldrarna är Rh-negativa får barnet samma faktor. Om båda föräldrarna är Rh-positiva finns möjligheten att barnet blir antingen Rh-negativt eller positivt Under graviditeten og fødslen kan noget af dit barns blod passere over i dig. Hvis du er rhesus negativ og dit barn er rhesus positivt, kan du danne såkaldte antistoffer mod dit barns blod. Det kaldes rhesus immu-nisering. Rhesus immunisering er sjældent et problem under den første graviditet, men kan være det ved efterfølgende graviditeter

Rhesus Negative Mother. This treatment could be initiated in a primary care setting or in centres with advanced facilities The objective of management is to make an early identification of Rh-negative mothers, prevent complications, and consequently to improve quality of life. SLCOG National Guidelines 44 delivery of the sixth baby The rhesus protein is named for the rhesus monkey, which also carries the gene, and is a protein that lives on the surface of the red blood cells. This protein is also often called the D antigen. When it comes to blood transfusion, anyone who is Rh positive can receive blood from someone who is Rh negative, but those with negative blood types cannot receive from anyone with a positive blood type

Rhesus (Rh)-systemets mest betydelsefulla faktor kallas Rh-faktorn. Baserat på om den finns eller saknas på de röda blodkropparna klassas personer som Rh-positiva eller Rh-negativa. Om en Rh-negativ kvinna är gravid med ett Rh-positivt foster kan kvinnans immunsystem börjar bilda antikroppar mot Rh-faktorn, så kallad immunisering. Dess All Rhesus negative woman on confirmation of their negative status should be given written information about the Free Fetal DNA blood test. A decision on the consent for RAADP needs to be made by 24 weeks gestation or as soon as possible if a woman books late. Pathway One (RAADP) If the woman accepts RAAD The Rh blood group system is a human blood group system.It contains proteins on the surface of red blood cells. It is the second most important blood group system, after the ABO blood group system.The Rh blood group system consists of 49 defined blood group antigens, among which the five antigens D, C, c, E, and e are the most important. . There is no d ant

Rhesus negativ blodtypen er en genetisk unik blodtype, som nogen mener er så unik at den må komme fra rumvæsener eller rumvæsener har genmanipuleret mennesker til at skabe denne unikke universelle blodtype. Andre mener at rhesus negative er rumvæsener, men det har vi ikke de store beviser for Es war Mitternacht, ich ging spazierenda bemerkte ichein Finstermann mit 'm großen Hutverfolgte michUnd dann sprach er mich anschmatzend und mit knirschenden..

Blodet er opdelt i Rhesus negativ og Rhesus positiv, og yderligere i en af fire hovedgrupper: A, 0, B eller AB. Herunder kan du se, hvordan blodtypefordelingen i Danmark ser ud. A RhD positiv - 37 %; 0 RhD positiv - 35 %; B RhD positiv - 8 %; A RhD negativ - 7 %; 0 RhD negativ - 6 %; AB RhD positiv - 4 Weitere Ideen zu rhesus negativ, infj persönlichkeit, sumerisch. 06.02.2021 - Erkunde Simmi Saas Pinnwand Rhesus Negativ Blood Original auf Pinterest. Sammlung von Simmi Saa • Zuletzt aktualisiert: vor 9 Tage prophylaxis for RhD-negative women in pregnancy' (NICE technology appraisal guidance 41) issued in May 2002. For details, see 'About this guidance'. 1.1 Routine antenatal anti-D prophylaxis (RAADP) is recommended as a treatment option for all pregnant women who are rhesus D (RhD) negative and who are not known to be sensitised to the RhD antigen Hvis man ikke giver forebyggende behandling med rhesus profylakse (anti-D), kan en rhesus negativ kvinde udvikle rhesus immunisering. Risikoen for at udvikle rhesus immunisering er: mellem 2 % til 16 % efter hun har født et rhesus positivt bar Rhesus-negative kvinder, der er gravide med et rhesus-positivt foster, vil ligeledes ved barnets fødsel komme i kontakt med rhesus-antigener og starte en produktion af antistoffer mod de fremmede antigener. Dette antistof kan skade et senere foster. For at forebygge skader på senere fostre, vaccinerer man rutinemæssigt rhesus-negative mødre med rhesus-antistof efter hver fødsel. Arvelighe

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  1. ant Rhesus D antigen from one or both of your parents, then you are Rh-positive (85% of us)
  2. ati (CIA) be studying Rh negative blood? and Why would the government be tracking Rh negative people? I have been asking these same questions
  3. Rh negative people are used as slaves because they are easy to mentally break, and they possess rare DNA that many researches are interested in. Today we can find countless mainstream researchers conducting studies on Rhesus negative blood, but most of these studies have been embargoed from the general public for several years
  4. Rhesus incompatibility is a common but serious situation. A rhesus negative woman, who gives birth to a rhesus positive baby would encounter problems

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Rhesus negative blood group - 'anti-D' injection. A Rhesus negative blood group affects about 15 to 20% of all women. A woman with this negative blood group may require an antii-D injection. Find out why If you are expecting a RhD (rhesus) positive baby - approx. 60% of women do - you might get immunized. This happens when the baby's RhD positive blood mixes with the mothers RhD negative blood. If you get immunized your body will produce so called antibodies which cause anaemia or other serious illness in the unborn and/or newborn baby

The rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta), colloquially rhesus monkey, is a species of Old World monkey.It is listed as least concern in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in view of its wide distribution, presumed large population, and its tolerance of a broad range of habitats.It is native to South, Central, and Southeast Asia and has the widest geographic range of all non-human primates. The fact that there are more chances that the children result in Rhesus positive, the Rh negative being 15% throughout the world makes sense. There are areas in the world where there is a higher concentration of Rhesus negative because they have always remained confined to the same area with more chances of having negatives as a result I am also rhesus negative. I also don't know what my blood group is. I have had numerous blood transfusions because of anaemia and the doctors each time i was in hospital had to send to another county to get donated blood as i had a rare blood group..My mum developed autoimmune problems after having a knee replacement she never recovered as she had one problem after another is rhesus positive. This can only happen if the baby's father is rhesus positive, but not all children with a rhesus positive father will be rhesus positive as he may have both the rhesus positive and the rhesus negative gene. If any of the blood cells from a rhesus positive baby get into the blood of a rhesus negativ Melalui website RNI, masyarakat yang memiliki golongan darah Rhesus Negatif dapat saling menjalin hubungan yang baik dan erat melalui Komunitas Rhesus Negatif Indonesia. Semoga Tuhan Yang Maha Esa akan senantiasa memberikan kemudahan dalam perjalanan komunitas Rhesus Negatif Indonesia dalam menjalankan rencana dan kegiatannya

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  1. Rhesus Incompatibility in Pregnancy. Women that are rhesus-D positive do not need any additional treatment during pregnancy. When a woman that is rhesus-D negative becomes pregnant, we have to consider the possibility that her child will be rhesus positive
  2. A Rhesus-negative (Rh-negative) pregnant woman might develop Rh antibodies in her blood stream when she carries a Rh-positive baby. The subsequent antibody formation has the potential to attack the red blood cells of a Rh-positive baby during pregnancy. This might make the baby anaemic and in severe cases, the baby might die
  3. Check out our rhesus negative selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops
  4. Rhesus negativ og som venter et barn, som har blodtype Rhesus positiv. Anti-D neutraliserer de blodlegemer fra fostret, som eventuelt kommer over i dit blod - og derfor vil dit immunforsvar ikke danne antistoffer. Du vil få tilbudt anti-D to gange: • I graviditeten i uge 28 +
  5. What is my rhesus status? When you have your first antenatal appointment, your doctor or midwife will offer you a number of routine blood tests. One of these tests is to find out your blood group (A, B, AB or O) and your rhesus status (positive or negative) (NCCWCH 2008, NHS 2018). Your rhesus status is fixed by your genes
  6. Dr Alfred Murage, a consultant obstetrician gynaecologist at Aga Khan University Hospital, emphasises the need for a rhesus negative expectant woman to receive careful attention for her to give birth to a healthy baby. He said, During pregnancy, or birth, there could be a cross-over of the baby's blood cells into the mother's bloodstream
  7. What does rhesus-negative mean? Lacking the RhD antigen in red blood cells. (adjective

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  1. The Rhesus, or Rh, factor is a protein that is present on the surface of most people's red blood cells. According to the Nemours Foundation, about 85% of people are Rh positive. The Rh negative diet is largely the product of work by Dr. Laura Power, creator of the Biotypes Diets
  2. Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) secondary to rhesus alloimmunization was once a major contributor to perinatal morbidity and mortality. However, with the advent of anti-D immunoprophylaxis, the disease prevalence and the associated morbidity and mortality are markedly reduced with approximately 1-6 cases occurring every 1000 live births [1]
  3. Define rhesus negative. rhesus negative synonyms, rhesus negative pronunciation, rhesus negative translation, English dictionary definition of rhesus negative. rhesus negative. Translations. English: rhesus negative adj Rh-negativo/a. Italian / Italiano: Rh negativo
  4. If a rhesus negative woman marries a positive man,they are medically incompatible because the child will end up being rhesus positive which is when complications arises. Approximately half of the children conceived by a negative mother and a positive father will inherit the rhesus postive factor from the father
  5. Rhesus Negative This information leaflet has been produced by Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust Maternity Unit to provide information to pregnant women who are Rhesus Negative What does being rhesus negative mean? Rhesus factor is the name given to a special protein or antigen, which is attached to the surface of the red blood cells
  6. Translations in context of Rhesus negativ in German-English from Reverso Context: Könnte eine Isoimmunisierung sein, falls die Mutter Rhesus negativ ist
  7. Nothing can be done about the Rhesus factor of your blood, or your partner's. If your blood test comes back with a Rh negative result, your care provider will request that your partner's blood type be tested. If your partner is also Rh negative, there's nothing to be concerned about

Mar 29, 2021 - Explore Rh Negative's board Rh Negative Celebrities, followed by 601 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about celebrities, steve guttenberg, johnny depp leonardo dicaprio Det skyldes, at når man er rhesus negativ, så vil ens baby med stor sandsynlighed være rhesus positiv. De fleste mennesker er nemlig rhesus postive. Når et barns blodtype er forskellig fra moderens, så vil moderens krop reagerer på barnets blod, hvis noget af blodet skulle komme ind i moderens krop Management of the Rhesus Negative Mother 1. Management of the Rhesus Negative Mother Dr Shantala Vadeyar MD, FRCOG, DM Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound (RCOG / RCR) Subspecialist Fetal & Maternal Medicine (RCOG)Consultant Obstetrician, Fetal & Maternal Medicine Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai www.totalpregnancycare.co

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Rhesus monkeys, Santa Monica, 1934 Description Handwritten at edge of negative: 2627 P4, Adult rhesus monkey holding baby rhesus monkey, sitting on box, with man's hand and chain at left and patterned wall in background, Text from negative sleeve: 2627 P1 to 4 SM Mrs Dale Greif, Monkeys, 1934, Monkey Kayo, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Greif, 2305 - 30th St, SM, Access to this collection is generously. r/RhesusNegative: Rh negative blood and people. The research goes on Amazon.co.uk: rhesus negative. Select Your Cookie Preferences. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads Rhesus negative mennesker menes ofte at have specielle psykiske eller paranormale evner. Derudover er hun gift med min onkel. Og han er lyshåret og har blå øjne. Og det passer med teorien om, at rhesus negative, hvis de ikke gifter sig med andre af samme blodtype,. Your Rh status (positive or negative) is determined by an antigen found on your red blood cells (RBCs). Being Rh-positive or Rh-negative means that either you have the Rhesus D antigen on your RBCs (positive) or you don't (negative). Rh status is inherited from our parents, separately from our blood type. If you inherit the dominant Rhesus D.

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their rhesus status and Rh (D) Immunoglobulin. All Rh negative women who are pregnant or recently pregnant (up to 10 days post pregnancy cessation), should be offered Rh (D) Immunoglobulin prophylactically and or for potential sensitising events. All Rh negative women should sign the consent/decline to treatment form. USE OF THE GUIDELIN This involves giving intramuscular anti-D injections to rhesus-D negative women. There is no way to reverse the sensitisation process once it has occurred, which is why prophylaxis is so essential. The anti-D medication works by attaching itself to the rhesus-D antigens on the fetal red blood cells in the mothers circulation, causing them to be destroyed Rhesus disease is caused by a specific mix of blood types between a pregnant mother and her unborn baby. Rhesus disease is only possible if: the mother is rhesus-negative (RhD negative

Hiya, I'm Rhesus A negative and had my 2nd Anti D injection last week. I found a website you you both to look at, it'll explain it better than me! but basically if your babies blood group is positive & yours & bubs blood mix your body will develop antibodies to fight what it thinks are foreign invaders so in future pregnancies you may have problems DIAGNOSIS Routine blood grouping and typing for all antenatal mothers on 1st visit. If Rh-ve-, husband's blood group. If negative-normal pregnancy. If positive-indirect Coomb's test to look for isoimmunisation at 24 weeks. If negative for antibodies-treat as nonisoimmunised Rh-ve pregnancy. 9 Background Knowledge of the distribution of ABO-Rh(D) blood groups in a locality is vital for safe blood services. However, the distribution of these blood systems among Ethiopians in general is little explored. This study was, therefore, designed to determine the ABO-Rh(D) blood group distribution among patients attending Gambella hospital, southwestern Ethiopia. Methods A cross-sectional. Rhesus negative subjects reported to have more frequent allergic, digestive, heart, hematological, immunity, mental health, and neurological problems. On the population level, a Rhesus-negativity-associated burden could be compensated for, for example, by the heterozygote advantage, but for Rhesus negative subjects this burden represents a serious problem

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[11]. Rhesus incompatibility during pregnancy is one of the major determinants for perinatal morbidity and mor-tality [1213, ]. erefore, this study was aimed to assess the prevalence of Rh D-negative blood phenotype among reproductive-age women in Arba Minch Zuria district, southern Ethiopia. e ndings of this study would b Hi, calling all Rhesus Negative ladies... I am 27 weeks pregnant with number 2, number 1 was 2 weeks early. In the last 2 weeks I have been told by

Rhophylac injection contains a medicine called human anti-D immunoglobulin. It is given to pregnant women who have a blood type known as rhesus negative. People whose blood type is rhesus positive. In more than 98% of cases, the red blood cell incompatibility involves the Rhesus or Rh D antigen[Rh-negative Factor] so the disease is known as Rhesus disease or Rh disease. Although the exact percentage varies with race, 15% of the United States population is Rh-negative and 85% is Rh-positive

Rhesus isoimmunisation occurs when a mother's blood type is rhesus negative and her fetus's blood type is Rh D positive (inherited from the father). The placenta normally acts as a barrier to fetal blood cells entering the maternal circulation The middle line gives the nucleotide sequence of the single Rhesus box carried by Rh-negative haplotypes. The asterisk symbols denote identical nucleotides. The RHD deletion occurred in a 903-bp segment of absolute identity that was part of a 1463-bp identity region I know there is a similar thread on the PAM board, but I have a question about Rhesus negative blood group. I've just discovered after my second m/c that I am Rh-Ve and after the ERPC had to have the Anti-D injection. I didn't have this when I had my first m/c in December, but the doctor told me at the hospital that this was because I had a natural m/c When a woman and her unborn baby carry different Rhesus (Rh) protein factors, their condition is called Rh incompatibility. It occurs when a woman is Rh-negative and her baby is Rh-positive

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All Rhesus negative multiparous women receiving ante-natal care at University College Hospital, Ibadan, between 1958 and 1965 were tested for evidence of Rhesus immunization Conclusions: The incidence of Rhesus negative pregnancies was 2.1% while Rh isoimmunization rate was 1.6% and the uptake of Rhesus Anti-D immunoglobulin is suboptimal A key unanswered question is whether infection with SARS-CoV-2 results in protective immunity against reexposure. We developed a rhesus macaque model of SARS-CoV-2 infection and observed that macaques had high viral loads in the upper and lower respiratory tract, humoral and cellular immune responses, and pathologic evidence of viral pneumonia Rhesus negative . Stacysuds. Posted 2/28/21. Hey so I've just managed to somehow bash my bump pretty hard with my toddler (pulling him onto my knee) had pains like a stitch across my bump which seems to have eased a bit. Do I need to phone to get an anti d? I'm not bleeding The overall health of blood supply in countries with developed care systems is increasingly challenged by shifting use practices. For example, a decline in demand has occurred for red cells in general populations, but has been accompanied by a concomitant increase in demand for group O, Rhesus D negative [RhD-] blood for management of massive haemorrhage and other urgent transfusion scenarios

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I'm rhesus negative and had anti-D during first pregnancy and after the birth. I recently had a miscarriage at seven weeks but am pregnant again. I'm worried that the whole rhesus thing (which I will freely admit I never really understood brilliantly) caused the miscarriage and that I should be doing something now (even though it is only the 4 week mark) [Ante-partum administration of preventive treatment of Rh-D immunization in rhesus-negative women. Parallel evaluation of transplacental passage of fetal blood cells. Results of a multicenter study carried out in the Paris region]. [Article in French] Huchet J, Dallemagne S, Huchet C, Brossard Y, Larsen M, Parnet-Mathieu F This came into widespread use in the 1970s and has largely eliminated Rhesus disease in the developed world, Dr. Moloney said. If you are Rhesus negative and your partner is positive, the treatment is pretty easy and straight forward. Anti-D injections are given routinely to Rhesus negative women at 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy

If the Rh factor protein is on the cells, the person is Rh positive. If there's no Rh factor protein, the person is Rh negative. A baby may have the blood type and Rh factor of either parent, or a combination of both parents. There can be a problem when an Rh negative mother has a baby with an Rh positive father Rhesus disease and Anti-D injections. If you have 'rhesus negative' blood you may need anti-d injections to ensure your baby doesn't develop rhesus disease. Here's the lowdown on blood types, avoiding rhesus disease and critical injections you may need. If you need injections, worry not - they're safe, quick and easy 461 members in the RhesusNegative community. Rh negative blood and people. The research goes on To rhesus-negative woman for prevention of Rh₀(D) sensitisation, following any potentially sensitising episode (e.g. stillbirth, abortion, amniocentesis) after 20 weeks' gestation. By deep intramuscular injection. For Females of childbearing potential INTRODUCTION. Rhesus (Rh) D-negative pregnant women who are exposed to fetal D-positive red cells are at risk for developing anti-D antibodies. Widespread use of anti-D immune globulin (Rh o (D) immune globulin) has dramatically reduced, but not eliminated, D alloimmunization.. Use of anti-D immune globulin for prevention of D alloimmunization will be discussed here

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The Rhesus (Rh) blood group system is the next most clinically significant blood group system following the ABO blood group. Rh D-negative women are at risk of alloimmunization following exposure to Rh D-positive blood. The exposure of Rh D-negative women to Rh D-positive fetal blood may cause hemolytic disease of the fetus or new-born due to Rh incompatibility How Your Rh Factor Blood Type Affects Your Pregnancy. Usually your Rh factor blood type isn't an issue. But during pregnancy, being Rh-negative can be a problem if your baby is Rh-positive.If your blood and your baby's blood mix, your body will start to make antibodies that can damage your baby's red blood cells.This could cause your baby to develop anemia and other problems

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Hvis du er rhesus negativ og dit barn er rhesus positivt, kan du danne såkaldte antistoffer mod dit barns blod. Det kaldes rhesusimmunisering. Rhesusimmunisering er sjældent under den første graviditet, men kan blive et problem ved efterfølgende graviditeter Fetal Rhesus D Genotyping and Sex Determination from Maternal Plasma of Rhesus D-Negative Antenatal Population: The Usefulness of Conventional Polymerase Chain Reaction in Resource-limited Settings Otchere Addai-Mensah , 1 Edward Y. Afriyie , 1 Samuel Asamoah Sakyi , 2 Christian Obirikorang , 2 Max Efui Annani-Akollor , 1 Eddie-Williams Owiredu , 1 Francis A. Amponsah , 1 Richard Vikpebah. The RHD gene is flanked by 2 DNA segments, dubbed Rhesus boxes by Wagner and Flegel (2000), with a length of approximately 9,000 bp, 98.6% homology, and identical orientation. The breakpoints of the RHD deletion in the prevalent RHD-negative haplotypes are located in the 1,463-bp identity region of the Rhesus boxes

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Hvis fosterets rhesus D type allerede er bestemt som rhesus D negativ i graviditeten, skal der ikke gives anti-D immunglobulin i nedenstående tilfælde. Det gælder, at der ikke skal gives mere end 2 x anti-D i løbet af en graviditet. Sammenlagt med den postnatale profylakse bliver det til et maksimum på 3 fulde doser for en graviditet Hvis din blodtype er Rhesus negativ og dit barns blodtype er Rhesus positiv , tilbydes du en indsprøjtning med Anti-D i uge 29 og igen efter fødslen. Her kan du læse mere om hvorfor. Alle gravide får undersøgt deres blodtype ved det første lægebesøg i graviditeten. Hvis du har en.

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Rhesus negative mennesker menes ofte at have specielle psykiske eller paranormale evner. Derudover er hun gift med min onkel. Og han er lyshåret og har blå øjne Rhesus Negative (Naked Remix) Lyrics: Sit in the angel's space / Throw the angel on the floor / Sink in the angel's soul / Fuck the angel raw / Sit in the angel's space / Throw the angel on the. Mollison (1994) reviewed the genetic basis of the Rh blood group system, giving a brief survey of the early history. Valenzuela et al. (1991) reported a strong association between plasma total iron binding capacity (TIBC) and Cc Rh specificity in a Chilean primary school population in Santiago. Valenzuela et al. (1995) found similar results in university students from Medellin, Colombia

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